Alentejo Cheeses

Alentejo cheeses are amazing. Besides the local cuisine with a huge variety of ingredients and excellent flavors, in Alentejo you will find also recognized wines and awarded worldwide. While tasting a cheese, flavors really came up with a wine pairing. White wine or red wine, you will find so many options to taste these delicacies of Portugal and Alentejo.

There is even a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), which defines the product according the origin of production and purchase. Its a international regulation defined by the European Unio.

Alentejo Cheeses from 3 regions

Alentejo Cheeses, Evora Dop Cheese

Évora Cheeses

Also made from sheep’s milk, its flavor is a little more spicy compared to Nisa.

This cheese is produced in Évora, Arraiolos, Alcáçovas, Montoito Villages (Redondo), Rio de Moinhos (Borba) and Sousel.

Always try some DOP cheese, while you drink Alentejo wine. Perfect wine pairing. 

Alentejo Cheeses, Nisa Dop Cheese

Nisa Cheeses

Exclusive to the northern region of Alentejo and made with sheep’s milk, Nisa has a very light yellow color. It has a slightly acidic flavor and intense aroma.

There are producers in Nisa, Monte Claro, Gáfete, Tolosa, Alpalhão, Vaiamonte and Monforte.

Alentejo Cheeses, Serpa DOP Cheese

Serpa Cheeses

Cured sheep cheese is one of the most famous of Alentejo region. These products are possible to kept in stores at least a month, in a cool and humid environment, until they reach the correct point of maturation.

It is produced in Beja (Santa Clara do Louredo and Penedo Gordo), Moura, Pias, Serpa and Mértola (Corvos and Corte da Velha).

Alentejo is also known by the cork production and you will be amazed during a Alentejo Wine Tour about the locals and their stories. There is a national competition of cheese and Portugal, while in international environment lot of producers were Awarded.

More than awards, is the learning process and knowledge of the producers, that every year surprise consumers with their products. In conclusion, traveling to Portugal and visiting Alentejo, you will taste and learn about our roots. Taste Alentejo Cheeses, taste Alentejo wines, make wine pairings.