On Alentejo Multi-Day Tour you will meet some of the most famous Portuguese products Worldwide. Relaxed and friendly environment, you will know more about this wine region, through unique and premium private wine tastings and/or lunch with authentic Portuguese food with wine pairings.

During centuries, the region and the country was and it’s known for excellent wines, cork and products cork based, marble, delicious Olive Oil and famous Medieval castles. Representing one third of the country area, the way local wine cellars or winemakers produce wine may change.

Why Portugal is associated to Cork products? Because the country produces 60% of world market. It is the most used product on wine sector activity. In addition is also present on construction sector for isolation (sound and climate).

Alentejo traditional songs are exclusively sung by men, in fact, large groups of men. They sang without instrumental accompaniment, 100% a capella with strong voices, slow, however vibrant and almost magical. 

Tell us more about what would you like to visit, to taste, to eat and embrace a challenging wine trip according to your preferences through Alentejo Multi-Day Tour.


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with premium tastings to a winery estate.

with visit and Lunch with Wine Pairing (when it is possible on our partner)

at a local restaurant for the best and authentic gastronomy. We are proud of Portuguese culture and we want to share it with you.

Possible to tailor made with other wine regions?

Monocasta is always available to customize your food and wine trip to Portugal. We explore several wine regions from North to South of Portugal and we are always in touch with winemakers searching for new experiences. Get in touch and let us know your requirements for a multi-day tour total customized.  

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