Alfrocheiro grape variety

Alfrocheiro is a Portuguese grape variety produced almost exclusively in the Dão wine region. In fact, that´s a curious and mysterious grape variety, since the first references are after the phylloxera crisis. The origin of Alfrocheiro is not known. Research history says that is perhaps a foreign grape variety, while for others it is important the characteristics of the grapes. It is a small, compact bunch of grapes with a heterogeneous color and uniform.


The pulp is juicy and soft and this variety has a regular production with an average maturity. These two factors create almost a perfect balance between acids and sugar, good color on the wines with fine and fruity aromas. Usually, wines based on Afrocheiro become complex over the years.

Alfrocheiro, besides Dão Wine Region

The Alentejo wine region, Tejo and Bairrada have also the production of Afrocheiro grape, however, Dão remains the top producer. The grape is also present in Spain, perhaps because of the similar climate or even soil, but it has a different name. It has the name of Baboso Negro in Tenerife while in Oviedo the name is Albarin negro or even Brunal in Zamora. Afrocheiro grape variety has a cultivation area of 1850 ha. In Portugal. New plantings growth depends on the year but is around 3 to 3,5%.

Dão is surrounded by mountains that protect vines from the chill and rains of the Atlantic Ocean and the influence of the Continental climate. You will find vineyards from 200 to 1000 m above sea level in the center of the country. In general, the region has an amazing diversification of grape varieties. You will find the famous Touriga Nacional and of course on the white wines the famous Encruzado, among others. Afrocheiro is perfect for single-grape variety wines and blends. On blends, it will give more color to the wine, red tones. Take a look at the multi-day tour section to Dão Wine Region.