Travelers as vines love Algarve due to the mediterranean climate . Most of the has a wonderful average temperature, never too cold in the Winter or never too hot in the Summer. People can enjoy a good glass of wine, some Portuguese petiscos or an excellent meal with wine pairing. More than 3000 hours of sunshine every year is amazing.

 The border between Algarve and Alentejo wine region is more or less 20 to 30 miles from the coastline, depending on the geography. You will find a beautiful chain of mountains passing by on the regional roads or in the highway. Looking to the world map, you will find the borders of Spain on the East, Atlantic Ocean ( West and South ).

 In Algarve, the soils can be different according to the areas. You will find sandy soils, clay, occasionally shallow over rock, schist or even limestone. They can be a challenge for wine estates, since on the same property they will find differences, besides the wind and Mediterranean climate

Algarve has their traditional wines based on specific white and red varieties and it is common to find blends, as in all country. Mainly white grapes are : Arinto ( also popular in Lisbon Wine region ), Malvasia Fina, Manteúdo and Síria. , Favorite red grapes are : Castelão and Negra Mole. However you will find also other grape varieties, especially on new wine estates of regional wines. Grapes such as Syrah, Aragonez, Cabernet Sauvignon, Trincadeira, Alvarinho, Viognier and of course Touriga Nacional .

Brief History of Civilizations in Algarve

Back to the Past, you will find human presence since Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, specially in Lagos, Alcoutim and Vila do Bispo. The presence in general is due to the establishment of farmers and fishermans along the coastline .For example, Lagos which is famous today by his amazing gastronomy based on fish, was called Cyneticum. Later, Phoenicians established trading posts . Carthaginians founded Portus Hanibalis , which we know today as Portimão 550 BC).

Along centuries, civilizations’ presence changed. You will find vestiges of Roman Era ( as in Alentejo history ). Medieval period with Visigods and Moors. Today, it is an international community with people from all over the World, specially from Europe. Some of them retired in Algarve through the acquisition of properties, others just spending wonderful time during vacations. People love the climate, gastronomy and the way Portuguese receive foreigners.

Algarve Gastronomy
Photo: VisitAlgarve

Algarve is divided into 16 municipalities. They have mainly in common gastronomy, history, coastline (in most of the municipalities) and tourism. Inland activities or water activities, you will find in several cities to enjoy, from boat trips to relief your senses in private experiences.

It is a region with 4996 km2 and a population of 451.000 people spread. You will also find a large community of English, Irish, Germans and Frenchs. There is a highest percentage of foreigners retired. In fact, an American-based study in 2016 concluded that Algarve is the World´s best place to retire. There are several factors for this, besides the 30 golf courses of the region, which is one of the favorite sports for foreigners in Portugal.