Barca Velha 2011 Postponed

Barca Velha 2011 is again postponed. Known as one of the Top Portuguese red wines from Douro, presented some few issues with the cork of the bottle. For this reason, Luís Sottomayor (winemaker) and his team decided to postpone the marketing in search of the perfection and excellence of Barca-Velha 2011. 

Barca-Velha 2011, Monocasta

The harvest of 2011 was announced for the end of 2019 with a launch forecast to May 2020. However, due to pandemia of the year, the decision was postponed to September. The problem now is another, is the fact that the consumers have issues to open the bottles and for this reason, they decided to cork all bottles again. A difficult decision, since has an increase of costs however also represents the search for the excellence and perfect wine product. 

Tasting notes 

It has a very complex aroma and deep ruby colour. Prominent spices such as balsamic notes, tobacco box and cedar. Also presents red fruits such as ripe plum, slate and of course high quality with a well integrated wood. Barca-Velha 2011 presents a vibrant acidity in the mouth, very firm tannins and very lively. Some notes of spices, balsamic flavours and black fruits. Extremely long finnish with complexity and great elegance. 

Store & Serve Barca Velha

This red wine from the Douro wine region was born to be served between 12º and 18º Celsius . It is suggested that it be savoured calmly, paired with more elaborate meat dishes. Game and even some cheeses, with exquisite, well integrated flavours is also a possibility. It should be placed vertically the day before drinking and opened 2 to 3 hours before serving. 

Although ready to consume, this wine has a long ageing potential and evolves positively in the bottle, which should be kept horizontally. At its best” Perhaps 15-20 years after harvest, though it is expected to remain alive for an indefinite period.

With so many years in the bottle, the wine should be carefully decanted to separate its natural sediment. Ideally, it should be served at 16ºC-18ºC.