Caldo Verde, one of the Best Worldwide Soups

Caldo Verde (Kale Soup) is considered one of the best soups Worldwide, according to CNN Travel . The article presents 20 soups from different countries such as Nigeria, Portugal, France, United States, Indonesia, among many other countries. Strongly related to Portuguese gastronomy, Caldo Verde is a soup based on potatoes, kale and chorizo. This soup starts in the north of Portugal, however it has nowadays a big impact on the country. 

Portuguese Kale Soup
Photo shutterstock / CNN Travel

Along the years Portugal became popular with different motifs and gastronomy is one of them. Besides the amazing fresh quality Portuguese products that have an impact in the flavors of the food, you will find excellent service restaurants. There is diversity for every taste or health restrictions. Portuguese traditional gastronomy by default is not vegetarian friendly, however you will find delicious dishes or even small modifications to the original dish that you will love to taste. 

Caldo Verde (or if you prefer: Kale Soup) is also popular in countries such as Brazil. By default, it usually has a green color since the cabbage is cut into very thin strips. Portuguese gastronomy is comfort food, easy to cook and doesn’t have complex techniques to cook. However, nowadays it is common to find new trends crossed with traditional cuisine or even others products, such as wines or other ingredients.

Tradition is strongly related with farmers and fishermen, especially along the beautiful Portuguese coastline.

Key Ingredients for Caldo Verde:

Another important piece of Kale Soup flavour is the Portuguese Chorizo. Based on Pork, it will find it smoked from 3 to 18 months. Pork is the most consumed meat in Portugal even though gastronomy has many other options such as rabbit, cow, lamp, duck and others.

Potatoes, Portuguese Cabbage and Chorizo are the key ingredients for this delicious soup. Better than reading, is to taste and for this reason, if you will not be able to join Monocasta food & wine tours, at least, you will be able to make it at home . We have prepared the recipe of Caldo Verde / Kale Soup, that you can follow step by step . 
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