Cante Alentejano

Cante Alentejano ( or Alentejo Song ) is without any doubt the most beautiful cultural heritage of Alentejo in Portugal. Unique worldwide it is a genuine a cappella song in choirs. This means that no instruments are used and voices are the instruments itself. 

These musical groups have men and women and sing in choir. It is a very popular manifestation of the culture and feature in several ares of Alentejo, specially South part of Alentejo. 

Cante Alentejano, Group, Alentejo, Monocasta
Picture : Pedro Ribeiro Simões Cante Alentejano, Portugal

Alentejo Regional Tourism Entity and the municipality of Serpa had the initiative of presenting Cante Alentejo to UNESCO – Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Singing in an a cappella , the lyrics usually speak about feelings of a specific moment or just day life. A little bit similar to Portuguese Fado in terms of content. Some of these choral groups are centenarians and started in informal contexts. Some have started in the fields while farming, while others started at local cultural houses. 

Visiting Alentejo in Spring or Summer, it is common to listen in some locations to the performance of these choral groups. Imagine a moment of food with wine pairing or a wine tasting and listening to beautiful voices in chorus.

Cante Alentejano & Wine Experiences

While visiting Alentejo ( besides the wines , cork or cheese ) it will be an excellent surprise. Occasionally without any schedule for shows, the magic happens spontaneously in a recreational group or even tavern. Simplicity of relaxation after work in the fields. However, nowadays you will also find Houses with schedules, promoting Cante Alentejano . 

If possible and required, MONOCASTA might find a show or a moment to include during your stay in Portugal . Alentejo has so much to offer and discover while traveling. Discover this Southern European Country, where you will find diversity of activities, however experiences based on wine tasting and food pairing represents perhaps the most required in the future. Our experiences are private by request and you can customize your timelapse and experiences you may have interest in.