Cooking Classes in Porto

Cooking Classes are the best way to learn local and authentic gastronomy. Portugal has an amazing variety of dishes based on fresh fish, amazing meat and even vegetarian options. The best cooking class in Porto (1) is the one where you will be relaxed in a relaxed environment. The ones where you will drink some Portuguese wine and in the end, eat what you cooked with a wine pairing.

Cooking Classes in Porto, Clams Bulhão Pato Style

At the cooking classes in Porto you can expect authentic food as mentioned before, however easy to cook. 

The Portuguese gastronomy is based on comfort food, dishes without extreme techniques during the cooking process, however delicious. The local chef will guide you step by step. A hands on cooking class that you will be able to taste along the process and also learn about the typical Portuguese ingredients. You will have time to make questions directly to the chef, do not be shy. Ask him.

At the cooking classes in Porto you can expect authentic food as mentioned before, however easy to cook. 

Portuguese gastronomy is based on comfort food. Dishes without extreme techniques during the cooking process, however delicious. 

The flavor of Portuguese cuisine comes from the fresh ingredients, due to the geography of the country.

More than 900 kms of coastline with fisherman ports, where logistics to main cities is easy and faster. Easy, because of the excellent routes and highways structure in Portugal. Faster, since you can cross the country in 10 hours from North to South or 3 hours from West to East .

Cooking Classes best moments?

Dishes such as Fish Stews, Clams Bulhão Pato Style, Gooseneck Barnacles, Sardines among others, are popular. For a cooking class in Porto, we need to prepare something that people will be able to learn and cook at home. A dish that people can buy ingredients in United States, United Kingdom, Japan or Australia.

Is there any Meat dishes? Of course there is, Francesinha is perhaps the most famous dish in Porto, however you will find other dishes based on Pork meat, lamb, duck, cow. Portugal is diversity in what concerns to food, you will always find a dish for your requirements. 

The best moment of the cooking classes in Porto , it’s the moment that you taste what you cooked and make the perfect wine pairing. For this moment, we always request a Porto & Douro Valley wine region, so that you will be able to taste another excellent product of Portugal.

In conclusion, learn and share your experience with friends and family. Engage and share your results with us on Instagram .

(1) Monocasta provides private cooking classes in Porto, by request. Let us know you interest, that we will be able to send you a quote. 


Gordon Ramsey : Uncharted visits Portugal

July 2020, Gordon Ramsey visited Portugal and some restaurants at Ericeira and Peniche.

Gordon Ramsey
Photo Credit: Dave Pullig

The celeb chef tasted several local dishes for the surprise of some restaurants and some fishermen, where we collected some information related to their habits, traditions and of course one of the most fresh fish in the world. 

In the past, Gordon Ramsey participates on the Hell´s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, MasterChef, which were perhaps the most famous food tv shows. 

Gordon Ramsey will record in Portugal

Later, September 2020, National Geographic released in Portugal the 2nd season of Gordon Ramsey : Uncharted , where he visits countries searching into local food that can be unique.

The communication department also released a note, speaking what most people already guessed, the 3rd season that will be released in 2021, will have an episode recorded in Portugal. 

For the 3rd Season, the episode will have dishes of local cuisine. We expect that most of them will be based on fresh fish dishes or even shellfish. Why? Because both areas are well known by the fish dishes and shellfish .

For this, well, we suggest the excellent white wines that Portugal provides. Lisbon region has very unique wines from the famous Arinto from Bucelas, to Jampal from Cheleiros / Mafra area , among many others. 

Portugal is a unique country worldwide. From the Age of Discoveries till the present local gastronomy is always fresh and goes well with wine pairings.

The Portuguese brought the sugar cane from Brazil. Species from Goa / India , however we sell Port Wine produced on Douro Valley to Europe. Portuguese were traders since the 15th century. These trades helped to define a culture of food along centuries.

Check later the Portuguese episode at National Geographic cable channel. It is secure to say that he will make delicious, traditional and authentic Portuguese food for sure.

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Cheleiros, reborn Jampal grape

Cheleiros has been a farming area. From the typical ingredients such as cabbages, carrots, potatoes till others more peculiar, the fame comes from the vines and a single grape variety called Jampal . According the last National Census, Cheleiros has a population of 1347 (2011). Is located 44 kms (27,3 miles) to Northwest of the Portuguese capital. 


Roman bridge of Cheleiros was constructed from 1350 to 1355. It’s A medieval construction on the top of a previous roman bridge from the 1st century. Around the bridge was found several pieces of Roman Era, however the present structure points to the same period of Mafra Convent. It’s a monument of national interest according IGESPAR.

For a new habitant of Cheleiros, since his discover was amazing, due to make questions of local habits. A lover to know more about the local habits, traditions and the locals of Cheleiros. Nowadays, there is only one company in the world that produces this grape in very few acres of vineyards. 

Cheleiros, Roman Bridge

Cheleiros and Jampal grape variety

Jampal put Cheleiros on the map, due to this very single production. Jampal vineyards have low production of weight and for this reason, wines come with the highest price as final product. You will find the located a few miles away from the Atlantic Ocean ( on Lisbon Wine Region ). Has some influence on the Atlantic winds, but also a specific micro climate from the region.

There is only one wine producer in the World, based on the Jampal grape. Recognized by national authorities and enologists, is now exporting his product worldwide. In markets like Germany, United Kingdom, Brasil and United States you will it and taste. Investments done will contribute for a highest recognization of the wine and grape variety.

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Touriga Nacional grape variety

Touriga Nacional is the most well known Portuguese red grape variety. You will find this single grape variety (Monocasta in Portuguese) in several wine brands from North to South of the country. It also deserves the top ranking worldwide for the wine lovers, since it’s consensual his quality along years. On this ranking of preferences, you will find it  along with Nebbiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon or even Pinot Noir wines.

Porto & Douro Wine Region, Wine Tour, Landscape

Where to find Touriga Nacional in Portugal?

With origin in the North of the country, it has spread across the country. You will find this grape variety in very different soils and climates. From Algarve in the South to Tejo wine region in the centre. 

Algarve is known for its sandy, limestone and clay soils and a Mediterranean climate. It´s the area with highest temperatures, however fresh and humid. Why? Because of the impact of Mediterranean but also the winds from North Africa and proximity with Atlantic Ocean.

Touriga Nacional

Tejo wine region ( previous Ribatejo, till 2019) the soils has more impact of the Tejo River, more complex due to their high natural acidity, however producing balanced wines. 

Dão or Porto and Douro wine regions claim the origin of the Touriga Nacional. Has a fine grape has now impact on the winemakers due to her quality. 

This unique grape is thick-skinned, for this reason they have an amazing colour and tannins. These characteristics have influence on the structure of the wines based on Touriga Nacional and a great capacity of ageing. 

Influence on blends and recognition

Touriga Nacional grape variety is also common to find also on the blend wines as one of the selected grapes to produce specific wines or concepts. A perfect example, Barca Velha is produced in extraordinary years by Casa Ferreirinha . Is a blend of four grape varieties which are : Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Cão and Tinta Roiz. Considered one of the great wines in the world and a sign of wine excellence. To give you an idea, from 62 harvests, only in 19 the winemaker produced Barca Velha, which means you easily acquire a bottle with a price of 500€, depending of the years.

In conclusion, visit Portugal, you will learn our culture of food and wines. From North to South, MONOCASTA will show you the very best we can offer. Contact us, since we will answer fast presenting solutions for your requirements. Join us on Instagram .