Cheleiros, reborn Jampal grape

Cheleiros has been a farming area. From the typical ingredients such as cabbages, carrots, potatoes till others more peculiar, the fame comes from the vines and a single grape variety called Jampal . According the last National Census, Cheleiros has a population of 1347 (2011). Is located 44 kms (27,3 miles) to Northwest of the Portuguese capital. 


Roman bridge of Cheleiros was constructed from 1350 to 1355. It’s A medieval construction on the top of a previous roman bridge from the 1st century. Around the bridge was found several pieces of Roman Era, however the present structure points to the same period of Mafra Convent. It’s a monument of national interest according IGESPAR.

For a new habitant of Cheleiros, since his discover was amazing, due to make questions of local habits. A lover to know more about the local habits, traditions and the locals of Cheleiros. Nowadays, there is only one company in the world that produces this grape in very few acres of vineyards. 

Cheleiros, Roman Bridge

Cheleiros and Jampal grape variety

Jampal put Cheleiros on the map, due to this very single production. Jampal vineyards have low production of weight and for this reason, wines come with the highest price as final product. You will find the located a few miles away from the Atlantic Ocean ( on Lisbon Wine Region ). Has some influence on the Atlantic winds, but also a specific micro climate from the region.

There is only one wine producer in the World, based on the Jampal grape. Recognized by national authorities and enologists, is now exporting his product worldwide. In markets like Germany, United Kingdom, Brasil and United States you will it and taste. Investments done will contribute for a highest recognization of the wine and grape variety.

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