Cork, environmentally friendly

Cork is one of the most environmentally friendly products you may find. It is soft and natural, it will keep cool and at the same time warm. It is one of the most natural products from Portugal, which you will get in touch for sure, while visiting the country.

Stoppers for Bottles of Wine, Portugal

Stoppers of wine bottles are the most famous Portuguese product based on cork. However, you will find a World of options in different products. During the last 15 years, Portugal and local entrepreneurs developed cork products into a new level.

Portugal competes with other producers such as Spain, France, Italy and recently Tunisia and Morocco. The country exports 846 million euros of these products, from stoppers for bottles of wines to products for construction or fashion.

Where will you find it in Portugal?

Portugal produces cork in an area of 730 thousand hectares of cork oak. The country has a quote share of 50% of world production . According to APCOR ( Associação Portuguese da Cortiça ) the area is growing on an average of 3% during the last 10 years. Another interesting fact is that 84% of the area is in Alentejo . This fact it’s interesting, since at the same time represents in other sectors activity such as wines, cheese and olive oil, a major percentage. 

Cork, Made in Portugal, Monocasta

Portuguese monuments with Cork 

In addition to the most common objects, cork is also present on the Portuguese history. It is possible to find several historical monuments where it was used on decoration during the construction process. Some few examples are :

– Convento de Cristo in Tomar ( Convent of Christ in Tomar ) its a World Heritage site. You will find elements carved in stone and cork oak trunks, related to the caravels used during the Age of Discovery by the Portuguese navigators. 

– Capuchos Convent in Sintra or Serra da Arrábida Convent (near Setúbal, south of Lisbon) in some of the common areas are lined with cork. 

– Chalet da Condessa D´Edla ( Sintra, near Lisbon ) was built in the 19th century. Visiting you will find decorative elements in some of the door frames. 

Some numbers of 2019

Area of 730 thousand hectares of cork oak;
Portugal has a quote of 50% of world production;
986 million euros, representing 63% of World Market Exports
84% of the production area is located in Alentejo;
685 companies working into Cork Products
Cork is exported to more than 130 countries

In conclusion, this is a key sector activity for the country. Since you will visit Portugal, learn about these green product.