Electric Car Mazda MX-30 with Portuguese Cork

Electric car Mazda MX-30 with Portuguese Cork? Yes, because it allows a whole new concept of applying cork and changes in the automotive sector. Portuguese Cork increasingly diversifies the products in which it is present, not only in the Portuguese market, but at a worldwide level. In addition to the well-known wine stoppers, the most recent entry into the automotive market is noteworthy.

Electric Car, Mazda MX30

Mazda’s new 100% electric car MX-30, has one of the most characteristic and versatile natural products in Portugal, cork. It´s a result of tests and a selection of the company Corticeira Amorim. After being used in the aerospace, construction, wine, sports and energy industries, cork now has a new challenge resulting from the choice of Mazda to integrate the console of its latest electric car.

Mazda, eletric car and cork

Mazda’s objective is to contribute to the reduction of the environmental footprint. This goal with other characteristics of the brand, namely the comfort, impermeability, thermal, acoustic and anti-vibration insulation.

Using molding techniques and the natural characteristics of cork such as lightness, elasticity and softness to the touch, the combination of these characteristics allows a pleasant feeling of well-being, comfort inside the new Mazda vehicle, in addition to the inherent natural beauty.

Mazda guarantees that the solution implemented in the MX-30 car allows an increase in resistance to friction. Also, being naturally prepare for the demands of everyday life. Sport driving mode or the state of the roadways, cork will be a great option in terms of application.

Electric Car from Mazda MX30 with Portuguese Cork

The integration of cork into the interior of the new Mazda MX-30 thus represents another achievement. This integration is in line with Corticeira Amorim’s mission: “to add value to cork in a competitive, differentiated and innovative way, in perfect harmony with Nature”.

2019 Portugal Cork Numbers

– Portugal has a total of 730.000 hectares of cork oak and produces 50% of the world production;
– Portuguese production represents 63% of World Markets Exports (cork), with a volume of 986 Million euros.
Alentejo has 84% of the area production.
– Cork from Portugal is exported to 130 countries

Info: APCOR ( Associação Portuguese da Cortiça )

In conclusion, this is the first step on automative secto. However, can generate even more exports to the Portuguese companies.