Encruzado, Portuguese White Grape

Encruzado is a Portuguese white grape variety. By default is associated and restricted to Dão Wine region in the centre of the country and it is considered as one of the safest by Portuguese winemakers. It is considered as one of the few white grape varieties with high quality, given the lack of major setbacks.

You will find Encruzado in a lot of single grape variety wines. However, it is present also in blends. Its correct handling in the vineyard and later in the cellar, presents its consumers with a delicate aroma of roses and violets, light citrus notes and a slight resin aroma. It may also, under certain conditions, present intense mineral notes.

Encruzado, Dão WIne Region, Monocasta, Portugal

Who loves wine, loves food and wine pairings on the meals are common. Wines based on Encruzado grape variety usually tastes better when aged in oak barrels . Dão wine estates usually use french oak barrels to aged the wines and it is also common that most of them will from 2 to 10 years in bottle .

Encruzado and Dão Wine Region

Region Climate

Characteristics of a Continental-Mediterranean climate with mild winters and very warm summers. Vineyards are located on granitic – sandy soil. The soil is slightly acidic and poor in nutrients.

Wine Pairing with Encruzado Grape

Accompany with delicious grilled fish or light and juicy meats. We also suggest the accompaniment with resinous herbs, namely rosemary, parsley, thyme or oregano.

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