Ervideira is a famous Portuguese wine brand present in more than 20 countries worldwide. The history of this winemaker located in Alentejo,  Portugal goes back to the 19th century, more precisely in 1880. In this year Count D´Ervideira was honored by King D. Carlos I of Portugal. His public functions and contribution as a politician and social work in the Évora region. He was the first mind to start the production of wine in Évora, the major city of Alentejo. 

Ervideira, Alentejo Wine Region, Portugal

Count D´Ervideira name was José Perdigão Rosado de Carvalho (Born in Évora, 1862). He founded the local newspaper “Distrito de Évora” and served as Provedor in Santa Casa da Misericórdia and Real Casa Pia of Évora. First was honored with the title of Viscount of Erveira. After, to Count D´Ervideira. As governor, he had a major role and be responsible for the implementation of infrastructures in Évora, such as schools, churches, fountains, and drinking fountains.

He left a legacy, that went generations after generations till the present with a wonderful property of vineyards. During the last decade, improvements were made and will continue. It is a family wine business. Located in Vendinha, near Reguengos de Monsaraz, 30 minutes distance of Évora.

The name itself means for the owners a legacy of passion in every product they launch to the market. You find innovation in the processes, you taste the passion for the wines and you feel the history in every single glass of wine. Each wine is a tribute to the man who loved and respected the land, weather conditions, vineyards, and loves wine.

Ervideira wine means also character, complexity, structure. However, they match with softness, subtlety, and softness, all profile characteristics of Count D´Ervideira himself.

Ervideira, Tasting

Ervideira Highlights

Annual Production: +800.000 bottles of wine;
Wineshops: 4 (Portugal)
Wine products: S de Sol, Flor de Sal, Lusitano, Terras D´Ervideira, Vinha D´Ervideira, Conde D´Ervideira, Late Harvest.
Other products: Alcohol Gel (production during pandemia).
Exports: More than 20 countries on regular basis.

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