Family wine tour day experience

Family Wine tour and Dinner with a Sommelier were the kick-offs for an amazing day with a family group from New York / United States of America. Grabbing the initial idea and what is possible to make with total safety and security on this pandemic season, we tailor-made a program. This customization joins a full-day wine tour in Lisbon & Tejo Valley wine region.

After finally meet them at their accommodation when we made the pick-up, we drove to the countryside chatting about their trip, what they visited already and what they will visit after. We shared a little bit of history and culture, that they could establish the missing links in some points of Portuguese gastronomy and history.

Arrived at the first spot, we had Ana guiding us through the history of vineyards and winemakers, sharing the step by step of winemaking art of their products. In the end, we finally sat and enjoy the wine tastings. Some concerns for the 2021 year were shared. The main reasons are due to irregular weather and climate, but with hope in terms of quality as usual. Meanwhile, at lunch hour, was reserved the best wine for the wine pairing with the meal. A delicious starter, a Portuguese dish, and the unforgettable dessert Sericaia. Time to depart and go to another winemaker and proceed with this family wine tour.

Family Wine Tour, Lisbon, Portugal, Monocasta

We move to another winery in the afternoon, after some sightseeing in the local village. Once again, the explanations of their methodology to produce unique wines. Interesting to the family to understand that visiting the same wine region, the winemaker work in a different direction of winemaking.

Family wine tour afternoon

They elected different grape varieties, geography, and climate impact on the vineyards. Winds from the Atlantic Ocean have a major impact, however is still possible to produce amazing quality wines. After the premium wine wasting, we return to Lisbon. Requested by the family, which would love to acquire some gifts. Why? Because they depart on the next day to their country.

At the end of the afternoon, we took our family to a portion of very unique, private, and exclusive food and wine pairing in the Portuguese capital. They met our sommelier and shared their amazing day. However, they were ready to start their wine dinner with the sommelier experience. Pedro (sommelier first name) starts to talk about the wine regions and main grape varieties. He also spoke about blends and single grape varieties (Monocasta in Portuguese) wines.

Each moment of the meal commented by Pedro, wine after wines and dish after dish, how the wine defines the pairing with food. Authentic food with amazing wines to end a perfect day of this family wine tour. Tailor-made, unique, and exclusive.