Gordon Ramsey : Uncharted visits Portugal

July 2020, Gordon Ramsey visited Portugal and some restaurants at Ericeira and Peniche.

Gordon Ramsey
Photo Credit: Dave Pullig

The celeb chef tasted several local dishes for the surprise of some restaurants and some fishermen, where we collected some information related to their habits, traditions and of course one of the most fresh fish in the world. 

In the past, Gordon Ramsey participates on the Hell´s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, MasterChef, which were perhaps the most famous food tv shows. 

Gordon Ramsey will record in Portugal

Later, September 2020, National Geographic released in Portugal the 2nd season of Gordon Ramsey : Uncharted , where he visits countries searching into local food that can be unique.

The communication department also released a note, speaking what most people already guessed, the 3rd season that will be released in 2021, will have an episode recorded in Portugal. 

For the 3rd Season, the episode will have dishes of local cuisine. We expect that most of them will be based on fresh fish dishes or even shellfish. Why? Because both areas are well known by the fish dishes and shellfish .

For this, well, we suggest the excellent white wines that Portugal provides. Lisbon region has very unique wines from the famous Arinto from Bucelas, to Jampal from Cheleiros / Mafra area , among many others. 

Portugal is a unique country worldwide. From the Age of Discoveries till the present local gastronomy is always fresh and goes well with wine pairings.

The Portuguese brought the sugar cane from Brazil. Species from Goa / India , however we sell Port Wine produced on Douro Valley to Europe. Portuguese were traders since the 15th century. These trades helped to define a culture of food along centuries.

Check later the Portuguese episode at National Geographic cable channel. It is secure to say that he will make delicious, traditional and authentic Portuguese food for sure.

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