6 Tips how to serve white wine

How to serve white wine is one of the questions following the diversity that Portugal wine regions have to offer. It is an excellent question that genuine connoisseurs have and love to know respecting the characteristics of each wine, local consumption, weather, and perhaps hours of the day.

People love to enjoy wines with food or social drink while engaging, or simply during the cooking process, however, the art of serving well and enjoy the wine, in this case, the white wine is always present.  A question with praise-worthy interest in the art of serving perfection.

How to serve white wine is always up to date and often open to different opinions and customs. It depends on the conditions you have to keep your wines at home and in your home you are the king. Some people have wine coolers, others may have the home cave or even a specific area just for wines.

How To Serve White Wine

On the red wines, the precautions to be taken are not extreme, however, in the case of the white wines, the serving temperature also assumes great importance for everyone. Each person will have a temperature that may like, besides the recommendations of the wine producers. The white wine service requires some logistics and we will advise you some points. 

Considerations of how to serve white wine

1. Never leave a white wine in the refrigerator. Depending of the food and type of wine you like or your guests, you are also saving space.

2. Some people love the white wine very fresh, which sometimes it is not the correct temperature for the wine or even for the food pairing.

3. Being in Portugal, we have our climate/weather which is totally different from Alaska in the United States or even Berlin in Germany. For this reason, the way of drinking wine, taste, preference, will always be different, due to what you do on your daily basis.

4. You took your white wine bottle from the fridge or wine cooler, open it and it is ready to serve. However, always confirm if you a recipient to put ⅓ with fresh water and add some ice. You will preserve part of the temperature.

5. If you take out the wine too soon from the fridge or wine cooler, it will increase the temperature. For this reason, always open the bottle when everybody is at the table, ready to start to eat.

6. At table, let each one refill their glass of wine through the meal. For some people 1 glass is enough, for others two glasses of wine will be perfect. Keep it flow and avoid leftover of the wine.

Enjoy your white wine with great food. Portugal has white wine in every wine region. We have several grape varieties, and a lot of varietal white wines (Monocasta, as we say in Portuguese). Encruzado is a good example of a local Portuguese wine region, common in Dão.