Alentejo, more than wines

The Alentejo wine region represents one third of Portugal. Alentejo is a diversity of traditions, products, food, wines, monuments. There are so many things to learn and think about this region. The region has a unique geography in the country, almost flat. On the top of the traditional house from Alentejo, you will see as far as the eye can see. You will find several cities, different from each other, when we compare the economy and the roots. 

Évora? Well Évora has so many factors to talk about, from Portuguese history to amazing wine producers in the region and unique gastronomy. Hotels with different concepts born in Évora, bringing fresh ideas, blending the relaxed environment, traditions and modern materials or services associated. 

Alentejo, Évora, Roman Temple

To the east you will find the largest artificial reservoir in Western Europe, called Alqueva, which has several water activities. However, it is important for farmers in Portugal and Spain, providing channels of water irrigation. Near, one of the most traditional towns, called Monsaraz. Has a beautiful castle with less than 50 people leaving inside the castle. The tower allows breathtaking views over Alqueva, while you feel the wind. 

Main locations in Alentejo

To the northwest of Évora, you can discover Arraiolos. Famous for the sweets Pastéis de Toucinho, some chicken dishes, soups, açordas, besides the typical pork dishes. Nearby, between Arraiolos and Estremoz (northeast of Évora), you can discover some winemakers and wineries. You will be able to discover diversity, if possible with a tasteful cheese from the region. Dry or more creamy, you will find excellent cheeses of goat, cow or sheep ( or mixed).

Beja, was founded 400 BC by Celts. Has till today one of the highest temperatures records with 45,2º C in August, however in the winter, temperatures can reach -3,4ºC. Olive trees fields and vineyards are the most farmed, while wheat is decreasing. With the exception of Sines, all other mentioned cities were interior, which means, less humidity. However, along the coast you will find unique spots, where relaxing and leisure activities become popular. 

Sines is now an amazing port and it will become bigger in the future with the new investments. At the same time you will find fishermen, still fishing on a daily basis providing amazing fresh fish and seafood. 

Porto Covo, Ilha do Pessegueiro, Zambujeira do Mar are popular for different reasons. While Porto Covo is famous by the beach and relaxing, Zambujeira do Mar has one of the major Summer Music Festivals.


Along the coast, the main dishes will be based on fresh fish, from the popular Portuguese sardines, fish stews, clams bulhão pato style or gooseneck barnacles.

Clams Bulhao Pato Style, Alentejo

What to drink? In most of meals, locals will prefer white wines for fish dishes and red wines for meat dishes. However, there is no rule, the only one is drink whatever feels you taste better. We have our preferences, like you. Meet some of the excellent Portuguese wines, well recognized internationally. You will find some of these dishes in Lisbon.

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