Olive Oil from Portugal?

Olive Oil from Portugal? Yes, and one of the best worldwide. Portugal is the ninth country with the largest olive grove area in the world and the seventh largest producer in the world of olive oil. Currently there are 64 countries that produce Olive Oil on a international perspective. Portugal is one that has the best resources to produce efficiently. Why? Because there are 5 main factors fundamentals: 

– Size of farms, 
– Availability of water, 
– Moment of maturation of the fruit
– Innovative characteristics of the farms
– Highest level technological development of the mills, which are the most modern in the world. 

Why Portugal improve even more quality and quantity?

Olive Oil, Olive Tree, Portugal, Alentejo

This reality is due to the impact and influence of the Alqueva project. The most characteristic of the Portuguese olive grove, but above all of the Alentejo olive grove. Portuguese Alentejo area becomes a international reference due to the high productivity and modernization of production systems. The olive oil we can get is from excellent quality. In addition, more than 95% of the oils are virgin or extra virgin quality, which grants an amazing final product to consumer and export worldwide for the country.

Portugal invested a lot in the modernization of the entire chain. The focus on modern facilities and the improvement of olive groves and production methods. The goal? To obtain quality olive oils, which are recognized worldwide.

In most cases, we see vertical integration, in whole or in part, of the value chain, establishing farms of great surface area with high densities of plantation. Farmers invest on high use of technology and knowledge, and where the mill is installed in their own exploration to prepare oil in situ, enhancing the creation of value and incorporating it into the producer.

Investments on farming process

The large investments during the last decade 2010-2020 have the result of quality olive oils. Those investments in the production process improved the profitability of farmers’ explorations. Portugal and the farmers become professions in all areas, letting themselves be advised by professionals. Adapt cultivation to their ecological niche was the prime idea with benefits of quality. Besides, there are more varieties, higher densities, modern efficient irrigation, agronomic handling and modernization of the facilities. 

Final result? Portugal is now more than ever famous as one of the countries with amazing olive oil brands. In fact, during the last year, the concept of Olive oil tasting became more popular, similar to wine tasting. Now days, producers of wine and olive oil (even with small production and more traditional ) develop tastings with olive and wine or gastronomic services with both services. Monocasta has when possible in some of the full day tours and multi-day tours, olive oil tasting moments.