Pink Palace

The Pink Palace is a magnificent Museum dedicated to Rosé Wines in Porto. The wine region is known by the Port Wine, however now days produces amazing reds, excellent whites, and the perfect Rosé´s. This museum experience has the goal of immersing the visitors in the world of Rosé wines. Educates and Entertains in each different and unique room of The Pink Palace. You will generate storytelling through photos that you can share with friends and family.

WOW , Pink Palace

Rosé Wine, different ways

As you may guess, what gives color to the Rosé wine is not a specific grape or color of the grapes. The wine should be produced with the correct balance between the skin of a red grape and the juice which is always white. The blend and the correct combination will give the perfect pink color.

However, there are believers that their option will be a blend of red and white wine. This way, it will go into a much more complex process. The product will be closer to red wine since it has a warmer tone and a similar creative process. The process results in a blend, like most red wines ( Monocasta / single grape variety not included).

Another methodology to produce a Rosé wine will be using the direct recourse to the press, through the saignée method, among others. For wine consumers, it is important to understand that doesn’t exist a relation between rosé color and the flavor. A lighter shade of rosé can have more complex aromas and flavors than darker ones.

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The Pink Palace is the 7th Museum at WOW – World of Wine in Porto. It is perhaps the most perfect one for those special pictures on Instagram. Enjoy!

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