Port Wine Tasting in Guiness World of Records

Port Wine Tasting has been present on the Guiness World of Records since 2018. This famous wine tasting joined 293 people on Convento do Beato during the 5th edition Lisbon Bar Show event.

Lisbon Bar Show is the major Portuguese event into bar and cocktails. Has the presence of more than 100 exhibitors and the most famous brands are present to promote their products to the public.

Port Wine tasting,  Guiness World of Records, Portugal
Convento do Beato , Picture: Turismo de Portugal

Guinessa World of Records has an amazing number of records related with wine. For this reason, it was a long process and the organization proposed a minimum of 250 persons. For this World Record of Port Wine Tasting, Porto Cruz, Cálem Velhotes, Porto Réccua and Porto Barros were the brands to establish the goal. 

According to the brand ambassadors of the four brands involved, Port Wine Tasting had flavours for all preferences. More or less sweet, more or less fruity, more engaged, in the end, the same characteristic. All the Port Wines are used for cocktails and appreciated by young age. 

Port Wine Tasting with a special glass

The brands presented their wines, with explanations of the whole process of the Port Wine. In addition, they presented the grapes, vinification process and a toast at the end of each explanation. 

Why a special glass? Well, because it was designed by Siza Vieira specific for this Guiness World Record. Famous as Portuguese architect and architectural educator, his work spread in all Continents. Some of the most famous are : Taifong Golf Club (Taiwan), 611 West 56th Street in Manhattan (United States of America ), rehabilitation of the monuments and architectural heritage of Cidade Velha in Cape Verde, among many others. 

We have already written articles about Port Wine or tastings, with different approaches and brands. Douro Valley is rich in the diversity of what they offer. Besides the Ports, you can also discover amazing red wines and white wines, from different wine estates. In conclusion, visit Portugal, since all wine regions have so much to offer you.