Porto Cooking Classes

Porto Cooking Classes are one of the best activities to make in the city, while you visit. Depending on your preference you might love to discover the fresh ingredients in a local market or just cook with a local chef.

Visiting a local market during a market tour with a cooking class, you will learn about the typical fresh ingredients to cook a Portuguese traditional meal. During the visit, you will be in touch with local sellers. They love to share their knowledge about the history and culture of the city, but with the main focus on their products.

Porto Cooking Classes, Market

Fish, meat, vegetables will be the main ingredients, however always with a concern of your potential health restrictions. If you prefer to avoid the visit to a local market, you will find always options for a private and exclusive Porto cooking class. Step by Step, the chef will give assign tasks and explain all the processes that you will be able to replicate at home after your trip to Portugal. Of course, you will also receive the recipes.

Porto Cooking Classes, possible cooking dishes

One of the dishes you might learn, based on Portuguese traditional gastronomy is the Kale Soup, especially in Autumn or Winter. Onions, Portuguese Olive Oil, garlic, potatoes, and Portuguese cabbage will be served hot with some slices of pork chorizo. Kale soup is considered one of the best soups worldwide, however, it is comfort food. Read more about Kale Soup here. Porto Cooking Classes is the perfect plan to learn local gastronomy.

Being in Porto, the major city in the North of Portugal is always a good motive to try some of the best Douro Wines. By default, they are kings in a cooking class that you will be able to taste authentic flavors from Porto and Douro wine regions.

Porto Cooking Classes have many other options in dishes. Fish stews are possible due to visit the local markets on the market tours with Cooking Class. The possibility to grab amazing fresh fish becomes reality and the step by step of recipe is easy.