Portugal produces…

Portugal produces a diversity of products and services. We live Portugal Wine Tours in very different way. While in private wine tours we make our best to show you selected and exclusive experiences. Outside of our lovely work, we have amazing wine tastings. Why? Because we want to discover new exclusive experiences to share. 

Alentejo Multi-Day Wine Tour, bottles

Portugal, as you know, is divided into 15 wine regions. At the moment we are working mainly in six wine regions , perhaps because of the six senses. However, we keep growing our activity establishing new partnerships with local winemakers or wine estates

If heard about the vinho verde ( common written as green wine ), you will discover that’s not the color. In addition Minho has beautiful landscapes, which you will see when visiting this wine region. But are you a Port Wine lover? Well, you should try a wine adventure in Douro Valley. You will be able to appreciate different flavours of wines with the same grapes, however with different winemaking processes.

You heard something about Alentejo? It’s a reality that the Alentejo landscape changed along the last decades. From the Alqueva project ( water barrier ) investments to the changes produced by modern olive tree farms, in addition the vineyards remain. When we think about Portugal wine tours we want to share the very best of our country, with authentic experiences that represent our roots. From the traditional ways to produce wine, till the modern techniques, diversity of solutions for any multi-day tour is not a problem.

Portugal produces … Cheese, Corks & Olive Oil

Wine Tours for us, it’s not just about wine. We always include other local products such as cheese, olive oil and even cork.


Usually it’s common to talk about international cheeses. However, you should’ve known that every year Portuguese Cheese producers are awarded internationally. A great example is Serra da Estrela DOP cheese, distinguished at the “Mondial du Fromage” ( France ) with the participation of 15 countries. This cheese from Queijaria Vale da Estrela was awarded, after a rigorous evaluation process of hundreds of cheeses that were competing. We think it’s perfect, since now we have 200% sure that it will make a perfect wine pairing with a specific wine. 


Monocasta, Cork tree clean, Portugal Produces
Portugal produces and exports cork

Cork has a major impact for Portugal. Besides the preservation of the cork tree there is a strong industry, which developed several cork products based.

The goal? To be less independent of corks for wine, since sales are always dependent on annual grape production and converted to wine. Stocks have impact also if the wine estate or winemaker doesn’t grow his business.

For this reason, the cork industry launched several contests ( national and international ) searching for innovation besides the startup movements of the last two decades.

Material for roofs, floors or even personal products such as hats, umbrellas, shoes were launched. The interesting part of all this new concept and approach is the fact of preservation and green approach. Cork is perhaps one of the most popular products and it is on the top of the mind ideas when you ask someone about our country.

Olive Oil

When we think about Portuguese Olive Oil, we think about more than 300 olive oil producers of different dimensions. Olive Tree farms are huge and Portugal has fantastic production due to a whole process of investments . To give you an idea, more than 95% of the oils are virgin or extra virgin quality. More common in Alentejo region ( ⅓ of the country area ).

Portugal produces amazing products to export worldwide. Quality and excellence is growing every year.