Portuguese Cheese, DOP

Portuguese Cheese

Portuguese Cheese is a local product you should taste in Portugal . You will find amazing brands, flavors, textures and traditions.  

As you know, you can have cheese based goat, sheep or cow. Really depends on the producers and also from the region of Portugal to develop the perfect choice of this product. In addition, you will find winemakers which also produce cheese. Will it be for the perfect wine pairing combining both products? We believe that it’s not the main reason. The reason has four major points, which are: 

– Traditions to be preserved due to dimension of the property;
– Diversification of products produced;
– Oldest tradition of families generations;
– Location of the property in a rural area of cheese production. 

Portuguese Cheese, DOP

These are the major four reasons besides the business side or even the wine production. Some producers also give a different brand, splitting the wine and cheese business with their own teams, because the processes are different . 

12 DOP regions of Portuguese Cheese 

Portugal has 12 DOP Cheeses areas registered. You will find cheeses more creamy, others more dry ( and even fresh cheese ). Another pairing possible with cheese is jam, common worldwide, Portugal has some that are unique. The twelve DOP Cheese regions are :

– Azeitão cheese
– Queijo de Cabra Transmontano cheese
– Évora cheese
– Nisa cheese
– Pico cheese
– Rabaçal cheese
– São Jorge cheese
– Serpa cheese
– Serra da Estrela cheese
– Terrincho cheese
– Castelo Branco cheese
– Requeijão cheese

Cheese even has a National Competition which awards the best every year. In 2019, the competition had 210 cheeses, a record in terms of the amount of products in competition. Since then, 23 products shows on their package the stamp “Prémio Melhor Queijo 2019 – Concurso Queijos de Portugal”. The judges also made 46 honor mentions, which means, that besides the amount of brands in competition, they have an amazing quality. 

Portuguese cheese is on the top of the list for wine pairings and even as appetizer or after meals. Locals love to taste cheese and socialize together. Common to find it on the tables, during the weekend family lunch or dinner.

In conclusion, while in Portugal, taste delicious cheeses and make wine pairings. You will be able to relief your six senses in this type of event or private wine tours.