Portuguese Kale Soup Recipe

Portuguese Kale Soup is famous worldwide by travelers that visit the country and taste it during their vacations. It is a mirror of the culture and people love it especially in Autumn and Winter, since it is served hot. 

When possible at home it is served with a slice of cornbread, while in good restaurants it is more common to serve without, even there are exceptions. The origins are from the North of Portugal, however it is already a National dish. In fact, in 2011 it was considered one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal gastronomy ( a national competition, highly broadcasted on television with votes from the public). The competition had dishes based on meat, fish, soups, desserts from the entire country.

Portuguese Kale Soup
Photo: Shutterstock / CNN Travel

Ingredients for a delicious soup

To prepare this delicious soup, join the following ingredients. The mentioned portions are for 6 people. 

100 g onions
2 garlic cloves
400 g potatoes to cook
1 L water
1 tbsp salt
300 g Portuguese cabbage
3 tbsp of Olive Oil
6 slices of corn bread (optional)
1 Chorizo

Portuguese Kale Soup Preparation

In the first place, add the water in a pot to cook the onions, garlic cloves and peeled potatoes . (you can cut the potatoes in small cubes or slices, that will boiled faster). Season with salt, cover and cook over a moderate heat during 20 minutes (or until the potatoes are cooked). Duration may change depending if you use induction or gas. 

Wash the Portuguese cabbage and cut it into thick julienne. Scald it in boiling water in a separated pot for one minute and drain the water. Grind the soup with the magic wand until the potatoes reduces to puree. Bring to a boil and add the cabbage. Stir and boil with the pan uncovered for five or six minutes. Serve the soup with the thin slices of cornbread with chorizo and enjoy.

Have a nice meal.