Portuguese Wine Exports 2020

Portuguese wine exports grew by 2.43% in value in 2020 compared to last year, reaching an amount of 589.6 million euros (data calculated up to September 2020). The source of this information is Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho (IVV) at the Fórum Anual dos Vinhos de Portugal ( Annual Forum of Wines of Portugal). Initiative of ViniPortugal who held this year for the first time in an entirely digital format.

Portuguese Wine Exports

Despite the impact generated by the Covid-19 pandemic on the global market, Portuguese wines continue in an export growth trend, which will lead to a record value for wine exports in 2020. Due to the learning process and experience from the last 3 years, last quarter is by default the best period for wine sales. Some of reasons are Christmas season and New Year´s Eve. The exports always exceed 240 million euros . For this reason, there is the expectation that Portugal will pass the 820 million euros (2019).

Portuguese Wine Exports and Country Markets.

Positive behavior of this year was largely due to the amazing performance of third countries outside of European Union. A growth of 21.6%, equivalent to 315,5 million euros. Countries such as Brasil, United States, Canada, United Kingdom are the main destinations of the Portuguese wines. On the opposite side, the decrease is a reality in countries such as Angola (27%) and China (35.8%).

On the European Markets, Portuguese wine exports had different behaviors depending of the countries. France for example drop 5.4% ( 77,8 million euros, less 4,4 million ). Germany also decrease in 4.7%, while Scandinavian markets increase an average of 43.5%).

For the President of ViniPortugal ( Frederico Falcão ), the results reflect the resilience of producers, through national and international promotion but also the excellence of the Portuguese wines. He also gave value to the efforts of the sector agents and the opening of new markets during 2020.

In global terms, in 2019, Portugal ranked 9th in the top-10 of the world’s largest wine exporters. A ranking, led by France, Portugal is positioned, in value, behind Germany and ahead of Argentina. In volume, Portugal occupies the same position, behind South Africa, but surpasses Argentina and New Zealand.

Portugal has quality and diversity in the different Portuguese wine regions from North to South. Its a fact that Alentejo has 1/3 of the wine area (and other products such as cheeses or cork ). However, each region has their amazing unique products.