ProWein 2021 Events

ProWein become one of the most important Marketplace for wines, spirits and craft drinks worldwide. Organized during the last 25 years it received more than 90.000 visitors worldwide. Today the organization become huge, with international events in Shangai, Singapore, Kong Kong, São Paulo and Dusseldorf.

In 2021, the ProWein Dusseldorf will not happen, due to pandemia, however the organization already release dates for 2022.

5 reasons to visit ProWein

Prowein logo

Novelties : one single location where you will find perhaps one of the world´s largest selection of wines.

Exhibitors : more than 6900 exhibitors from all countries. You will have time to chat, learn and get inspiration for your portfolio of wines with different countries.

Business : if you are into business, thats the platform to establish network and improtant contacts of the industry.

Information : relevant background, information and comprehensive knowledge to share with visitions, also a place to training your pitch in continuous mode.

Tastings : you will find a large number of tasting areas. Be inspired and discover the best wines for gastronomic trends if you world in the sector.

ProWein has already the schedule of events for 2021 and 2022.
While we expect to solve logistic issues related with pandemia, the organization is working hard to put the best event possible for visitors.

The final result will be, excitement, pleasure and amazing wines from more than 60 countries are guarantee.

ProWein Calendar 2021-2022

Hong Kong , 12 to 14 May
São Paulo, 5 to 7 October
Shangai, 9 to 11 November
Düsseldorf, 27 to 29 March 2022

Portugal is present!

It is common to find Portuguese wine estate and brands, promoting their products, while supply some wine tastings during the event. ProWein ( check the website ) along the years also contribute for the increase of Portuguese wine brands. In fact, open doors to new markets due to visitors of the events.

Last year (2019), Portugal ranked 9th in top-10 of the world´s largest wine exporters.  During these type of events, you will be able to taste our green wines, white wines, red wines, sparkling wines. You will find wine for every preference or taste . This is also interesting to see how much countries have Portuguese stoppers with cork on their wines. Has you may know, the country dominates the world cork market .

In conclusion, this is the perfect event for some wine pairings and understand the food trends. While Winemakers or wine estates have the goal to increase the sales and open doors to new markets, for common visitors its a moment to taste other products with wine pairings.