Sauvignon World Contest in Torres Vedras

Sauvignon World Contest ( 12th edition ) will be host in the municipality of Torres Vedras. The event will happen on March 12 and 13, 2021

“For us, it is extremely relevant to be able to host the Sauvignon World Contest” says the Mayor of Torres Vedras, Carlos Bernardes, highlighting the impact of vineyards and wine on the economy of Torres Vedras, but also on its social and cultural dynamics.

Sauvignon World Contest (12th edition), Torres Vedras

Torres Vedras is in Lisbon Wine Region, a city located in the North of Lisbon, 51 kms distance, 45 minutes by car.  Every year, the Sauvignon World Contest brings together producers, sommeliers, distributors, journalists and influencers to taste and evaluate some of the best Sauvignon Blanc wines in the world.

The contest has a tasting panel representing 20 countries, including South Africa, New Zealand and the United States, and, last year, it featured 1,110 wines from 24 producers from all over the world in competition.

International grapes on Lisbon Wine Region?

Lisbon Wine Region has of course mostly local grape varieties. Portugal has more than 300 grapes varieties, however has also international varieties. In this specific wine region you will find Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah and Chardonnay.

What Sauvignon World Contest can expect from Torres Vedras?

Torres Vedras makes border with the municipalities of Lourinhã, Alenquer, Sobral do Monte Agraço and Mafra. In addition , these municipalities are rich in wines production. Population is almost 80.000 people, since is in permanent growing.

The Municipality has an amazing network of cultural facilities. You will find galleries, museums and interpretation centers. You will have 20 kms of beach available, however not the best season in Portugal.

The city has excellent road connections to Lisbon. While passing Mafra, consider a visit to Cheleiros, famous to be the only location with Jampal grape variety production.

Will you visit Lisbon and Portugal on these dates? Would you like to visit this wine region and perhaps the event? Feel free to make questions getting in touch with us. Drop us an email or use the form on the contact us page. in conclusion, visit Portugal, we have so much to show you.