Tagus Nature Reserve

Tagus Nature Reserve is a reserve and a perfect location for birdwatching, besides food and wines possible to discover in some of the winemakers.

The estuary in front of Lisbon´s eastern area has the name of “Mar da Palha” ( Portuguese for The Straw Sea). This area is classified as a nature Reserve, located in the North of Alcochete ( famous besides the traditions for the location of one of the major Outlet in Europe ). The climate is in general humid and it is classified as one of the top 10 largest zones of its kind in Europe. 

Tagus Natural Reserve, Monocasta

Reserva Natural do Estuário do Tejo was created to protect specially the migratory aquatic birds living here. During the migration season the estuary receives more than 120.000 birds. The most common ones are the black cowbirds and represent around 20% of this species population in Western Europe. Usually they arrive from Serra de Albarracin ( Spain ) travelling a distance of 1100 kms ( 683.5 miles ). However, you will find other species such as a flock of pink flamingos.

Tagus Nature Reserve, besides birdwatching

Tagus Nature Reserve ( Reserva Natural do Estuário do Tejo) extends to North till Vila Franca de Xira, an area where bulls and horses are possible to see into the different properties / farms. Some of these farms besides bird watching experiences have unique wine tastings or even meals with wines pairing . MONOCASTA according the private wine tour experience, can customize the time lapse or experiences you may have interest in. 

On the Natural Reserve it is also possible to visit salt pans in Samouco or even seafront watermills in Seixal. Both activities are now eco-museums, so visitors can learn more about these activities. 

It is very unique and with amazing sights that make us relax and interact with nature. In conclusion, unique to visit and has an impact in two wine regions, which are : Tejo and Setúbal (north area).