Touriga Nacional grape variety

Touriga Nacional is the most well known Portuguese red grape variety. You will find this single grape variety (Monocasta in Portuguese) in several wine brands from North to South of the country. It also deserves the top ranking worldwide for the wine lovers, since it’s consensual his quality along years. On this ranking of preferences, you will find it  along with Nebbiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon or even Pinot Noir wines.

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Where to find Touriga Nacional in Portugal?

With origin in the North of the country, it has spread across the country. You will find this grape variety in very different soils and climates. From Algarve in the South to Tejo wine region in the centre. 

Algarve is known for its sandy, limestone and clay soils and a Mediterranean climate. It´s the area with highest temperatures, however fresh and humid. Why? Because of the impact of Mediterranean but also the winds from North Africa and proximity with Atlantic Ocean.

Touriga Nacional

Tejo wine region ( previous Ribatejo, till 2019) the soils has more impact of the Tejo River, more complex due to their high natural acidity, however producing balanced wines. 

Dão or Porto and Douro wine regions claim the origin of the Touriga Nacional. Has a fine grape has now impact on the winemakers due to her quality. 

This unique grape is thick-skinned, for this reason they have an amazing colour and tannins. These characteristics have influence on the structure of the wines based on Touriga Nacional and a great capacity of ageing. 

Influence on blends and recognition

Touriga Nacional grape variety is also common to find also on the blend wines as one of the selected grapes to produce specific wines or concepts. A perfect example, Barca Velha is produced in extraordinary years by Casa Ferreirinha . Is a blend of four grape varieties which are : Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Cão and Tinta Roiz. Considered one of the great wines in the world and a sign of wine excellence. To give you an idea, from 62 harvests, only in 19 the winemaker produced Barca Velha, which means you easily acquire a bottle with a price of 500€, depending of the years.

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