Tourism Trends 2021

Tourism trends become like a forecast of what will be the way of travel in the future. The future is tomorrow, 2021, next week, really changes according to the perspective of each one in what concerns travel.

Listening to wine lovers during the last decade, some issues were important. Customization of the wine trips and getting in touch with wine producers are two points always mentioned and followed by Monocasta during years. Alentejo, Lisbon , Porto and Douro are perhaps the most famous wine regions, for different motives, however chosen by  travelers. During the last decade, MONOCASTA also promoted wine regions such as Vinho Verde, Dão, Tejo.

Tourism Trends, Guimarães, D. Afonso Henriques
Tourism Trends, Guimarães, D. Afonso Henriques

Pandemia brings another concern, social distance as a measure to avoid getting Covid-19. In addition the use of masks on the wine tours by our team and customers becomes common. Portugal will start the vaccination program in January 2021 and will import 22 million vaccines ( 10,2 million  population ). So the question is, when to start traveling again? Well, it is possible to travel at the moment, even with some restrictions and measures to keep you safe. Our forecast goes into April 2021, when market and flights will start to increase.

What will be the Tourism Trends?

We think there will be groups, especially small groups of families and wine lovers. People will continue to learn, taste and enjoy the visit to wine cellars. Premium wine tastings, meals with local and authentic gastronomy or visiting the vineyards to learn more about the local grape varieties, wil be a must to do.

Decrease of travelling in groups with different families or couples. Even if it is always interesting for people to meet others, enjoy the trip and save money, the future will also be the increase of private wine tours.

In 2021 this option of travelling with strangers puts all the group in a bubble of risk, where each one will observe the practise of safe behaviours and how it can have an effect on himself. Tour operators and travel agents who specialise in creating group tours may want to start to think how to pivot their business. Doing it, they can pass safety and successfully their brand, measures and the wine tourism trends. Again, private groups only if they can know each other already or trust each other and regularly interact.

Slow traveling will be another key factor. Instead of making several places in a sightseeing perspective, people want to make less distance while visiting Portugal, however with more knowledge of the places they will visit. More information about the local culture, history, stories. Culture and History is always related with wine in Portugal.

MONOCASTA operates private wine tours and small group activities since the first day. Check our travel solutions on the top menu.