Vindouro Awards / Vinduero 16th Edition virtual

Vindouro Awards was for the first time in virtual mode, the 16th Edition awarded “Douro” and “Porto” origins in the “Best Denomination of Origin for Red Wines aged up to 6 months” category.

In a ceremony that took place in an innovative way, in a completely virtual environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Two wines from the Douro Demarcated Region won: the “Gran Arribe de Oro no Femenino” went to the wine of the Douro 100 Hectares Vinhas Velhas Red 2017, while the wine Vale da Vila Tinto 2018 obtained the distinction as “Best Red Wine with Aging up to 6 years”.

Vindouro Awards 2021
Foto : IVDP, Vinduero Vindouro Awards 2021

Douro and Porto wines have been the DO with the highest participation and the highest number of awarded wines. This event referring to the year 2020, obtained 51 gold medals.

The VINDUERO / VINDOURO AWARD is the largest international wine competition in Iberia Peninsula. It is also one of the most important internationally. A prestigious event that has a first-level tasting panel and that values ​​the best wines from both countries. In a cross-border environment, in the magnificent landscape of the Arribas do Douro, International Natural Park, the prize aims to distinguish the great quality of the wines.

2020 Portuguese wine exports

Portuguese wine exports had a very positive 2020 year, registering a notable increase when compared to 2019. Besides the situation with pandemic worldwide, it was an amazing growth for the wine producers. 

According to data from the Instituto Nacional Estatística (INE), for 2020, there was an increase of volume 5,3%. The value of the exports also increase 3,2%. The result of 846 million euros, 26 million euros more than in the previous year. Check more information about Porto & Douro Wine Region and the private multi-day Douro Wine Tour.